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Our friends with USA Archery are hosting the U.S. National Target Championships and JOAD National Target Championships for the very first time in Indiana. The two events will be held in Westfield August 1st through the 6th. They are reaching out for volunteers to help with these events. This is a great opportunity to be a part of something special. For more information or if you are wanting to volunteer, please click the following link:

Click Here For More Information or To Volunteer

We want to thank everyone for all their hard work and great sportsmanship at this years Indiana NASP State Tournament. Over 2,000 shooters performing in front of nearly 6,000 proud parents, coaches, and friends! Nearly 700 archers are heading to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 2017 World Tournament. We would like to wish all participating archers good luck and safe travels. We will meet you there!

All Scores Are Online
Listed below are the link for the official scores online. All scores are now posted and official. Congratulations to all shooters and teams!.