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2016 Indiana NASP Tournament

Indiana NASP wants to thank everyone who attended this year's tournament. Today was an amazing day filled with great shooters, sportsmanship, and fun! We are very thankful for all the support of our schools, parents, volunteers, coaches, and last but certainly not least, the very best shooters in the state of Indiana! Each of you have something to be proud of today!

Official Scores!
The following links will take you to where you are able to see all the official scores from this year's tournament.

  • 3D Tournament Official Scores
  • Indiana NASP Tournament Official Scores
  • Here are this year's award winners!

  • Indiana NASP/IBO 3D Tournament Award Winners
  • Indiana NASP Main Tournament Award Winners
  • Here are this year's scholarship winners!

  • 2016 Scholarship Winners (google spreadsheet)

  • Join Us On Social Media
    With the conclusion of this year's tournament, we ask that you join us on all our social media channels to congratulate all teams and individual shooters! Each of these students, coaches, parents, and volunteers have put in countless hours to make this tournament a success! In the spirit of good sportsmanship, we ask that you celebrate the success of this year's tournament. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email the Tournament Staff by Clicking Here! Thank you again for all your support!